• Funtensee  (Germany) -> Pocahontas

The rough, untouched nature makes you think of the song “Just around the river bend” from Pocahontas. You’ll want to go on and on so you can discover what’s around the corner. When you ever get the chance to visit this place, just let your inner adventurer out and follow your instinct.

  • Le Bosc (France) -> Beauty and the Beast

This small town in the south of France will get you in Beauty and the Beast mood. When you stroll along the village streets with a book, you’ll get thrown back to one of the first scenes in the movie. You’ll feel like Belle, wondering about your life not knowing you’re heading for an adventure.

  • Chiemsee (Germany) -> The Little Mermaid

By taking a boat, you arrive on an island and in the middle you will find the most magnificent palace. Walking through those fantastic hallways you’ll feel like Ariel who comes into a new world. You will think you’ve stepped into a dream.

  • Neuschwanstein (Germany) -> Cinderella

The imposing castle immediately reminds you of Cinderella’s story. It is located in Bavaria in the south of Germany and lies upon a hill between rocks and mountains. The many towers may also remind you of Hogwarts, the school for wizards in the books of Harry Potter.

  • Zugspitze (Germany) ->  Frozen

When I stood in the middle of the summer on the top of Germany’s highest mountain, I thought Elsa had come along and frozen everything. It was a strange feeling to stand in the middle of nowhere ankle deep in the snow, even though it was July.