This little place in the south of Germany is one of my favorite places in the world. I just love adventures holidays so I had to talk about this. Schönau is located in Bavaria (Beiern in German) in Berchtesgadener Land. It is part of a small city called Berchtesgaden and  it is next to a beautiful lake: ‘Königssee’ translated ‘The kings lake’. Part of what’s so good about this place is that the people are amazing. They are so open and friendly and the food is fantastic. I will give you some tips about what you can do in the summer as well as in the winter and ofcourse what food you should try.


Panorama Jenner (pictures: Emma Koch)
  • Skiing/snowboarding

    My all time favourite activity is skiing. I just feel happy when I ski. It gives you the feeling that everything else is not important. The world will simply fall away. In Schönau you have a lot of small different ski resorts. You also have different grades of difficulty so there is something for everyone. One resort you should definitely visit is Jenner.

  • Langlauf

    For the ones who want to keep it a little bit more flat, Langlauf is perfect. There is        over 15 kilometres of slopes through the whole village. While you are working out, you can enjoy the most beautiful winter landscape there is. Try it!

  • Schneeschuhwandern

Schneeschuhwandern or ‘Snow shoe hinking’ is a way to discover the mountains and forests without staying on the slopes. Of course there are paths but they will lead you to incredible views and hidden places. You can rent the equipment and even a tour guide who will show you the best route.


Sankt Bartholomä (pictures: Emma Koch)
  • Hiking

    This summer I went hiking and we did some day tours, but also a cabin trip where we climbed the whole day and stayed the night in a mountain cabin. (Tick of on my bucket list). In the early morning you take a boat and you get dropped of together with the other hikers and you start climbing. When you arrive at the cabin, it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world. You accomplished something incredible. At night you can see millions of stars. It’s just magical and you will never forget that feeling ever again.

  •  Klettersteig

    Klettersteig or ‘Via Ferrata’ is an extreme sport. A lot of people are scared to try it because of the fact that it is an extreme sport but they shouldn’t be. Yes of course it looks crazy and difficult, but it’s an experience of a life time. You can choose from a wide range of possibilities. There are a lot of different degrees of difficulty and of course you get a few lessons before you start climbing. When you are hanging on a cable against a rock that goes a few hundred meters straight down, you forget the world and just live in the now.

  • Paragliding

    Oh yes, paragliding… You’re probably thinking no, she is joking. I’m not! I can promise you it is a wonderful feeling. The best time of the day to fly is the morning. You take together with your jumping buddy (of course you jump with someone experienced) the cable lift and when you arrive at the top you are in a different world. The preparations can be stressy but as soon as you are running down the mountain, all your fear disappears and….you fly!

food and drinks

Now for a lot of people among us the important stuff. It’s always a struggle when you are in an other country with an unfamiliar menu. So I thought I give you some tips on what to order when you visit Schönau am Königssee.

  • Kaiserschmarrn

    It’s a kind of a fat pancake which they serve with apple sauce. It tastes delicious after a day climbing or skiing.

  • Hefeweizen

    Of course you have to try the beer. Perfect when you are with friends and family somewhere in a mountain cabin, warming by the fire.

  • Germknödel

    Made of a fluffy bread dough filled with plum jam and dumped in a mix of butter, sugar and poppy seed. It has a very special taste that you love or hate. Worth a try.