Backpacking is a real hype and it should be. It’s the perfect way to see the world when you have an adventurous mind. This way of travelling gives you the opportunity to get to know different cultures and learn so much more than when you are just on vacation. Let your inner wanderer out and get on a train to somewhere. You will do things you had never expected to do.



“Plane tickets are expensive!” “It is too far to drive!” Then don’t take a plane or car. Take a train. In most cases it will be a lot cheaper and the best part is that you don’t have to stress. From the moment you are on the train, your journey begins. It is a great way to travel while enjoying nature and meeting new people. Most of the trains nowadays have wifi and restaurants where you can find the most diverse types of food. In Europe, one of the best ways to travel is with interrail. They have different passes to accommodate everyone. You can travel with a special ticket for just two weeks or even more than a month.

(Left: Train to Budapest)


Not everyone was born to sleep in a tent. And that’s no shame. Plus it’s a lot of extra weight. The best thing you can do, is to stay in youth hostels. It’s also a great way to meet people. Most of the other inhabitants are fellow travellers and just want to meet people from all over the world. That way you can make new connections and who knows, maybe next time on your wanderings across the world, you can visit them. Almost every youth hostel works with shared rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. There is also always a common area with internet acces and a tv.

I found some great sites for you guys. You have to check them when you’re planning a trip.


(Meet amazing people and make friends all over the world #international)


A big expence you have to take into account is food. It may not seem that way, but food will empty your banc account. The best thing to do is to to buy a lot of streetfood. It’s cheap and most of the time pretty decent. This way you also get to know different kinds of food and learn a lot about the culture from the country. You’ll taste things you couldn’t have imagined yourself eating. It’s so much better than Burger King, Mcdonalds or any other kind of fastfoodrestaurant. It’s made by the people who live there. It is made with love.


If you really want to save money and meet al lot of new and different people I strongly recommend couchsurfing. It’s a way of travelling that’s really popular among the backpackers. It boils down to staying with locals who are willing to open up their doors to strangers. On the site you let the world know you are travelling and ask for a place to stay. It’s also amazing to do the opposite and let strangers in your home. This way you’ll have the world in your living room.


There are several ways to earn money while travelling. A lot of youth hostels, for example, will pay your stay at their accommodation when you agree to work one day for them. You can strike a deal with the owners and clean for a few hours in exchange for food.

When you are couchsurfing, you can ask your hosts if they have small jobs for you to do like walking the dog a few times, washing the car, cleaning, working in the garden,… They are happy the job is getting done and you are a few euros richer. (Be careful, you have to be clear that if you do some things you expect some money. Try not to be rude of course, but be explicit.)

My personal favorite: street art. Find something you are good at and try to make a show of it. It doesn’t have to be singing, it can also be drawing, dancing, acting, humour,…everything you can think of as entertainment.

I hope you can’t wait to leave. I know it’s difficult to prepare for such an adventure so in my next blog I will give you guys some tips on how to pack your backpack. Hope you enjoyed it and if you have some questions, let me know. I will incude them in my next post.