1. a map / guide

I recommend you take an actual paper map of the area you’re travelling to. It sounds a bit old fashioned but it’s necessary. A detailed map will show you the best way when you decide to go hiking or want to hitchhike. Also when you are still unsure where you’ll go next, it can help you figure out your next move.


When you don’t want to go around carrying a paper map, there are so many apps you can use. I found some apps which give you information about the place you’re visiting. It tells you where you can find everything like restaurants, pubs, hostels,… I like to work with both. So my advice: bring a real map and download an app. Below I’ll give some of my favorites, but if you find a better one, please let me know!


2. e-reader

You’ve been travelling for hours with the train, you replayed your playlist for the tenth time and you’re travel companion is fast asleep. Lets assume that you are a kind, caring person and you don’t want to wake him or her up. You’ll be very happy with a book. But books take a lot of space in your backpack and are heayy. An e-reader is an amazing sollution. Just download some of your favorite books and you’ll never have a boring trip again.



3. Flip flops


Last summer I went hiking in the mountains and we passed a small river. It was 30 degrees celsius and believe me, all I wanted to do is jump in the river. So I threw my shoes aside and ran in. It was really refrigerant. The one unfortunate thing was that the bottom of the river existed out of rocks. Sharp, cold rocks. At that moment I wished I had thought of flip flops. You can where them anywhere, with every outfit (we still want to look nice) and they dry super fast.

 4. A travel towel

A travel towel is very important. It takes little place and dries fast. You can choose from a wide range of colours and sizes. I used it when we went hiking.We took a break and went swimming in a lake. Afterwards I let it dry for 15 minutes in the sun and when we left the place I could stuff a completely dry towel in my backpack.


Taking pictures and being able to capture wonderful and crazy memories is one of my favorite parts of travelling. The one thing that stops a lot of people is that it takes a lot of space.


So first of all you have to ask yourself the question if you want profasional pictures or just fun, not the best quality. If you love photography, I suggest you bring a good camera of your choosing and take that one extra dress or pair of shoes out of your bag. Know your priorities. If you are more the instagrap photographer, don’t wast space on a camera and just take your smartphone.

tip: don’t take a polaroid. I know it’s fun and you have beautiful pictures afterwards, but it takes a lot of space, has limited a limited pictures and buying new paper is an expense you can easely avoid.