When I told my friends from my exchange year about this blog, they made me promise to tell some of our adventures. And they are worth telling! What we experienced is beyond imagination. I hope to give you some tips on where to go for when you decide to visit Vienna as well as some funny stories.

Der Prater

What you really have to visit in Vienna is “Der Prater”. It’s a huge park full of different kinds of entertainment. It’s a place where you come with your family or your friends. we wanted to spend the day there but didn’t have enough time unfortunately. But we did go on the Ferris wheel which will give you an amazing view. We enjoyed it so much, even the one’s with fear of hight.

 Die Hofburg

“Die hofburg” is the former imperial palace in the centre of Vienna. It housed the monarchs of the Habsburg dynasty. It was their winter residence. (If I had a winter residence like that…) These days you can visit the Sisi museum and admire the beautiful architecture. We went there and did the audio-guide tour. It’s a real must-see. For everyone who doesn’t know Sisi, there are three films about her and I strongly recommend them. They are fantastic films and you’ll recognize a lot of the things while visiting.

Schloss Belvedere

This amazing palace surrounded by a fabulous park is the place to be when you want to escape real life. The palace offers you different exhibitions throughout the year including a permanent exposition on Klimt. I have to admit I never heard of him until my Italian friend forced me to go. I am really happy he made me go because I  loved his artwork. The one thing you best check before you go is the price because if you go with friends under 18 (and you are legally adult) it may be a little bit awkward if you are the only one who has to pay. Been there, done that.


This apartment complex is the most colourful you will ever see. It was designed by the architect and painter Friedensreich Hundertwasserhaus. It’s located a little bit out of the centre, but definitely worth visiting. We finally found the houses after asking the way for about ten times and walking in circles, but when we arrived it was amazing.hundertwasserhaus_2

Book some cheap tickets and go explore this beautiful capital. Get lost in small alleys, taste the sweet ‘Mozarkugeln’ and enjoy the music, street art and architecture.

Special thanks to Giuseppe La Manna, Noon Benyapa Torpun an Yuzuki Haga. Without you it wouldn’t have been the same!