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Film night: tearjerkers

Ik ben iemand die bij films haar emoties niet onder stoelen of banken steek. Dit leidt vaak tot irritaties bij anderen. Vooral mijn zus heeft drama’s met mij zien volledig opgegeven. Gevolg: ik in mijn eentje achter mijn computer met... Continue Reading →

Downton Abbey

De Britten staan bekend voor hun historische drama’s, maar  Downton Abbey spant toch wel de kroon. Het is een van de meest bekende en gerenommeerde series ooit. Hun succes is te danken aan de fantastische cast en geweldige sets. Maar... Continue Reading →

Some film inspiration for a rainy day

There is nothing more relaxing than crawling in your sofa on a rainy day with a good film and a blanket. I just saw these three films on such an occasion and I'd love to recommend them to you. Er... Continue Reading →

Review The Danish Girl

So today I had my oral exam for English. I was kind of nervous but it went really well, I think. As part of our preparation we had to write a film review. As I am simply in love with... Continue Reading →

“Mini Movie Bucket List”

Following on my latest post, I thought I share some of my own goals and dreams. I usually make small lists of stuff I still want to do. Most of them are not that special, just a list of books... Continue Reading →

QUIZ: What film should you watch tonight?

You know the feeling that you really want to watch a film, but you don't know what to watch? You Loose so much time deciding which film, that by the time you've made up your mind, it's all ready to... Continue Reading →

BAFTAs 2017

Yesterday evening I couldn't resist watching the EE British Academy awards for Film and Television Arts or short, the BAFTAS. I'll admit, award shows are my secret guilty pleasure. So yesterday, I curled up with a blanket, turned on BBC... Continue Reading →

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